Hash House Harriers* in the Netherlands and the Rest of Europe

Your Drinking Clubs With Running Problemses

A new hash chapter - Brabant Hash House Harriers

*Of all unimportant things,we are the most important

We are hashing again !

But keep your distance and bring your own drinking vessels. we are not going to share cups for Down-Down-s

Please join the hashes by Amsterdam (1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month), Wageningen (2nd Sunday of the Month), Brabant (4th Weekend of the Month) and FILTH (every 29.4 days)

Gay for a Day not happening

Dutch Hash Agenda

--- Amsterdam - 1st and 3rd Sunday/month --- Brabant-H3 - 4th weekend/month --- FILTH - on Full Moon (every 29.53 days) ---- The Hague - Sundays (Winter) and Wednesdays (Summer) ---- Wageningen - 2nd Sunday/month ---- Rotterdam - 3rd Thursday/month ---

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