Be Your Own HaberDasher

You want a shirt from your favorite hash chapter but they ran out and don't have your size and you don't like the fabric and so on and so forth?

This is written for the Dutch situation, but there are many many countries with all sorts of "printing on demand" possibilities and they all work in a similar way.

Even worse, some chapters have been without a haberdasher for a while now. Missing Link discovered a thing called ‘printing on demand’ for shirts and other garments. Your very personal design in an series of one. Learn from the experience and try for yourself. For now, there are logo's available for Amsterdam, Wageningen, FILTH, the Hague and Brabant as well. 

Any suggestions for improvement are more than welcome.

Step by step instructions to get your very own personalized unique shirts can be found on this page.

These are the five main steps to get your shirt. (details for each step follow)

1. Pick the logo's of your favorite hash for the front and/or back of your shirt; 

2. Goto your favorite print shop. You pick a shirt in the model, size, color and fabric of your liking;

3. Upload the logo's in the design tool and fiddle it in place. Fiddle and tinker till you get it right. 

4. Place the order;

5. Wait for the package to arrive.


Prices are subject of change of course, inflation and such are a thing nowadays. The real prices are on the website of your favorite print shop.

Here we go, five steps

1 Choose your logo's
We show different versions for the front and back of the shirt for a reason. Think about the color of the shirt you want to pick. Dark green logo on a purple shirt perhaps won't look good. Don't worry, as long as you have not actually paid, you can change things or start the process all over. Or design your own, everything goes.

Right click on the logo of your liking. Save As ...  (always a wise to remember where you store the downloads, in your DownLoad folder probably)

Obviously, you can design your own prints as well.

1a Logo's for the front of your shirt
To help you pick, we repeat logo's with backgrounds in all the colors of the rainbow so you can already guess how your shirt will look like. You will notice that some of the combinations are really ugly. If watching all these logo's gets tedious, live with it and scroll down fast. Printed they look better than on a computer screen, depends also on your screen of course.

You can personalize by adding your handle to the logo. After downloading the logo, use MS paint or any other simple drawing tool on any computer system to add your name.


This is for the annual "Gay For A Day" event in Amsterdam

This is how the logo's look like on a white shirt.

1b Logo`s for the back of your shirt
Keep in mind that a big print on the back in full color does not breath very well, your back will get sticky and sweaty. Therefore pick a logo that is for the most part transparent. All the logo's below are. You can use any of the logo's above as well if you want. Or design your own. Or have nothing on the back at all, you decide.

On the back

This is how the logo's look like on a red shirt.

On the back of your red shirt

This is how the logo's look like on an orange shirt.

On the back of your orange shirt

This is how the logo's look like on a yellow shirt.

On the back of your yellow shirt

This is how the logo's look like on a green shirt.

On the back of your green shirt

This is how the logo's look like on a blue shirt.

On the back of your blue shirt

This is how the logo's look like on a purple shirt.

On the back of your purple shirt

This is how the logo's look like on a black shirt

On the back of your blackshirt

2 Goto the webshop and pick your shirt

2a.   GoTo your favourite print shop. Pink Panter has worked with and is happy with that. But there are others as well, such as Shirt-Discounter is in Dutch. It is simple Dutch, but still. The procedure is basically the same for any other ODTSPS (on-demand-T-shirt-print-shop).

2b.   Pick the shirt that you want. Pink Panter was happy with this one and this one. Both are available in several colors and sizes. There are also models for girls of course, see here and here. And there are many others, take your pick. It does not have to be a t-shirt, maybe you are looking for a polo perhaps or a sweatshirt or a body warmer or whatever else. 

Note: The sizes S-M-L-XL ect. do not mean very much. An Italian XXL is actually smaller than an American M. But if all is well, there are tables that show what the sizes actually are (in centimetres). If not, your guess is as good as ours.

Once you have selected your favorite, a larger version appears. Then look for the button ONTWERPEN  (means: design) and there we go.

3 Design your shirt

3a.   After you clicked "ontwerpen" you see your chosen shirt in a design tool. 

3b.   Choose the color for your shirt.

3c.   On the bottom of the design tool you can select whether you want to print something on the front (borst), on the back (rug) or on the sleeves. I suggest you forget about the sleeves and start with the front.

3d.   On the top of the design tool you see the option for uploading your logo (voeg foto/logo toe). Upload the logo you picked for the front of your shirt. Make it smaller and move it to where you want it to be. The edit tools are in the four corners of the logo.

3e.   On the bottom of the design tool, pick the back (rug) of your shirt. Upload the logo you picked, make is smaller and move it in place. Or have nothing on the back at all.

3f.   Fiddle and tinker till you got it right. It is not difficult, but sometimes buttons do not do what you expect. Undo and try again.

3g.   Further below you choose the size of the shirt you want and the number of copies. You can go as low as one. There is a table that tells you how big the sizes really are. Measure a shirt that fits you and check - check - double check.


4 Order your shirts

Double check everything three times, enter the number of shirts for this design with a minimum of one and put your shirt it in your shopping cart. You can order the same product in several sizes in one go (meerdere maten bestellen).

Place your order or shop further, as in any other webshop. 

5 Be patient

Wait for the package to be delivered. Pray for it to be in time for the next run so you can show it off. We will be soooo impressed (not).