Hash House Harriers* in the Netherlands and the Rest of Europe

Your Drinking Clubs With Running Problemses

*Of all unimportant things,hashing is the most important

Europe is very slowly recuperating from the third corona wave - Some hash activities are allowed - restrictions apply -

We are starting up again - slowly

Please join the hashes by Amsterdam (1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month), Wageningen (2nd Sunday of the Month), Brabant (4th Sunday of the Month), FILTH (every 29.4 days at a Full Moon) . The Hague (Wednesday evenings in Summertime and Sundays during Wintertime) - Rotterdam is irregular (but if, the runs are on the 3rd Thursdayevening of the Month) - ACDC is based in Aachen and is only just across the border.

Selected Hash Links

--- Amsterdam - 1st and 3rd Sunday/month --- Brabant-H3 - 4th weekend/month --- FILTH - on Full Moon (every 29.53 days) ---- The Hague - Sundays (Winter) and Wednesdays (Summer) ---- Wageningen - 2nd Sunday/month ---- Rotterdam - 3rd Thursday/month ---

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